about yellowpixie digital publishing


YellowPixie is a young digital publishing company. We produce and publish interactive children books. With the appearance of eReaders and tablets, book publishing is going through a major revolution.  At YellowPixie we are excited about the digital revolution and see in it the birth of a new art form.

Children books hold within them a unique relationship between book, parent and child. Our goal is to take that relationship a step forward with a new media that intrigues and engages readers.



YellowPixie is actively looking to partner with authors, illustrators, editors, translators, narrators, publishers, animators and anyone else that is excited about digital books. We are particularly fond of independent artists and want to enable and support their creations.

Please feel free to contact us at any time and on any topic: info@yellowpixie.com


The Team


Emi – Creative Director
Emi loves illustrations
Emi is the heart and spirit of YellowPixie
An experienced illustrator and industrial designer,
Emi keeps the focus of the company on the art of
children books creation
Lior – Technologist
Lior loves gadgets
With over 15 years of experience in
the design products and software -
Lior bring a solid technical understanding
to the company.
Wasim – Software Engineer
Wasim loves challenges
Wasim is an experienced software engineer
for multiple platforms. Wasim makes sure
our authoring tools are second to none.
Hila – Graphic Designer
Hila loves style