Online at last…

Hello World!

We are online…. at last.

The last 6 months were an amazing ride. We thought, discussed, met, designed, wrote, illustrated, developed, hired, fired, invested, applied, begged and so much more. And definitely there is so much yet to come….we are only at the beginning.

Trying to tell a bit about our story – we’ll start from the beginning. About 6 months ago we had the idea to create a platform for interactive children books. Being from a technology background, we thought immediately to create a start-up. The concept was straight-forward enough, we will create a software that enables illustrators to publish their own independent creations as an App for iPad and other tablets. We’ll give out our software and share profits with illustrators. There are enough pooly-paid illustrators out there to create tons of content. Each book will make us a lot of money and so tons of books will make a good business.

It sounded so good so we decided to go ahead and discuss and discuss and then discuss some more.

Then we met with some more people and discussed even more.

We then decided that we had wasted enough time and prepared a power point presentation. (actually it was keynote, we are cool and work on Mac). Having seen the great progress made, we took a break and wrote a business plan and asked some VCs if they would consider us.

Next we discovered that we will not get money so easily, as there are so many people who think exactly like us. Well, I guess geniuses think alike.

And so, without external funding, we simply rolled up our sleeves and started the real work.

We hired some software developers and started to build our interactive eBook reader.

One month after development started, we were already meeting publishers, promising them the world. Lucky for us, they did not sign up – otherwise we were in deep trouble by now. Unlucky for us, they did not sign up – and still we are investing our own money into the development.

July came, the first version of our eBook reader was done and at this point we released our first app – “Baby animotion”. Our main purpose was to release something and to experience the whole apple appstore experience. Now, let’s be honest, this is not exactly what we signed up for. But considering everything, we are happy. Sure we can do better, and we will, we promise that we will.

So now, it’s end of September. Our eBook reader is quite stable, our eBook authoring system is well on its way, and we are discussing with a few artist the next cool thing. Maybe best of all – we are very close to releasing “The Girl Who Could Fly”, an interactive book by the very talented Elite Avni-Sharon, that makes us proud.


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